Who We Are

LINCS is a 501C(3) organization operating in the West Valley.
We focus on giving youth the tools to succeed, inspiring them to dream big, go out of their comfort zone, and guide them in making positive decisions.

Our Vision

At LINCS our vision is to make our community a place where youth are valued, nurtured, and inspired. We believe that supporting our youth and treating them as valuable members of the community will inspire them to achieve their greatest potential in their relationships, their personal development, and in their occupations.

Our History

We are a grassroots organization that began in 1996 to help strengthen families and address the challanges faced by the youth in our community. In 1999 Nite Court began, a program where youth attend open gym to connect and have fun. We acheived 501C(3) status in 2003. In 2010 we began taking trips to Mt. Hood, introducing more than 100 youth to snowboarding. Since then we have continued to develop and grown programs that positively impact youth.

Our Board

Our board consists entirely of volunteers. (More information coming soon)


Both Bridge Street Coffee House and Kathie’s Kookies are non-profit businesses run by LINCS. Click on the links to visit their websites and find out more.