Our Vision

LINCS is a 501C(3) organization operating in the West Valley. We focus on giving youth the tools to succeed, inspiring them to dream big, go out of their comfort zone, and guide them in making positive decisions.

LINCS seeks to provide teens growing up in West Valley (Sheridan, Willamina, Grand Ronde) with opportunities to be responsible, engaged citizens through programs that focus on three core areas: education, recreation and vocation. We work to help youth achieve their greatest potential and establish a lifelong plan for staying healthy and safe.

The LINCS vision is to create a community where youth are valued, nurtured, and inspired. We believe supporting our youth and treating them as valuable members of our community will inspire them to achieve their greatest potential in their relationships, personal development, and occupations.

The teens and young adults in the West Valley face many barriers and challenges to success including geographic, socioeconomic, and educational barriers.  High school completion rate is a significant barrier to employment. Many students lack family support and accountability and struggle to thrive in the traditional educational environment. Lacking any positive pressure or expectation to complete their education many students drop out before graduation, making it difficult to compete for jobs against their peers.

LINCS works with teens to recognize their strengths and understand how to set goals that will help them be successful adults. Many of our teens come from difficult situations and it can often be hard for students to see past their experiences to a positive vision for their future. LINCS gives teens access to people and experiences that can help break the cycle of poverty by introducing alternative ways of coping with stress than what they may have seen modeled to-date.

All LINCS programs involve collaborating with other teens and adult volunteers to reach their goals. Night Court also provides a safe, consistent place for local teens to socialize and meet each other outside of the formal school setting. Our programs help encourage teens to support each other, ask/accept help and demonstrates how our community can thrive if we all work together.